Trip Switch (Vocals / Guitar)

Tee-total teenager Trip is an experienced musical force despite his tender years. He has managed to develop a deep & craggy, angst-ridden frown which belies his time on this earth, by suffering the efforts of his chosen football team. As a toddler, Trip recalls the glory days of his beloved East Burton Albion; when the team were on the Atkinson diet and Sheila Ferguson and the Four Tops all played for the first team; Halcyon days indeed. Trip purchased his first guitar from Toys’r’Us when he left school two years ago and still maintains a large paper round in the Lower Gornal area in order to pay off the money his mother loaned him.

Trip loves nothing more than dunking his favourite Malted Milks in a steaming hot cup of Tetley tea. On dry days, he is a fool to the confectious delights of the Iced Fancies and /or Jammy Dodgers. "It’s a devil’s own choice!!" he opines whilst agonising over the heavily laden biscuit barrel.



Christian Forthright (Lead Guitar)

Raised on a Dorset commune by his parents [mother was a semi-professional pianist on the UK country music scene; father was middle-management in the typewriter business], the young Christian spent his early years weaving hedgerows and painting pots. But his mother's musical abilities soon cast their spell and by the time Christian was 14 he was a proficient performer on several instruments, most notably the mandolin. However, when Christian was 20 his life underwent an epic transformation; it was during the commune's annual mushroom eating competition that he heard an "inner voice" telling him to listen to the works of Black Lace. Christian's appetite for this exciting new world of rock music was insatiable and before long he had mastered the guitar and was travelling the country in a mullet-rock band called "Anaemic Musings". The rest of the story is lost in the myths of time - suffice to say that Christian is currently revelling in his "Festivals" role and has no immediate plans for a return to the complex weft of hedgerows.

Christian's preferred biscuit for dunking is the Ginger Nut [in Safeway Savers coffee]. When the coffee jar runs empty, he favours the woody texture of the Garibaldi.



Quentin Spentlove (Bass / B. Vocals)

Quentin's roots are cloaked in tragedy. Orphaned at the tender age of 11 months when his parents were killed in an unfortunate freshwater fishing accident, his formative years were spent in institutions - even now he refers to his father as Dr Barnado and his mother as "The Matron" - before being adopted by Northumbrian greengrocers, Peggy and Clive Spentlove. The adolescent Quentin was smothered in love by his septuagenarian adoptive parents and spent most of his teens working in their shop and studying, with little social contact. Later, he wrote a thesis entitled "Aquatic Creatures and Breathing" [perhaps in an effort to understand the fishing-related loss of his parents] and it was whilst at Leeds Polytechnic that Quentin discovered the joys of friendship and the pleasures of the flesh. It seems that he rebelled against his cloistered upbringing and fell in with the college misfits, who accepted him with open arms and before long Quentin was known as The Head. During this time he became deeply interested in the music scene and joined the hip college band, "Pill Or Be Pilled" as bass player and lead singer. This lead to a string of bands over the ensuing ten years, until a bitter argument over Quentin's "sexual gymnastics with the drummer's wife" saw him ousted from Ukrainian chart-toppers "Head Or Alive". He has now found his musical soul mates.

Biscuits, be they for dunking or otherwise, are not an option for Quentin due to his wheat allergy, although he occasionally drops a Fig Roll with a Horlicks "to push at the envelope of Death".



Drummer (Drums)

Kajagoogoo's number one fan, Mr Stu Picken.