Friday 5th May 2017

S Fest booked Saturday 10th June 2017

Yes folks, after a couple of years absence from this prestigious event, we have been confirmed to headline on the Saturday night. The festival has increased in size since our last gig there and has now moved into a larger riverside field at Stourport Swifts FC. Hope we get good weather. Looking forward to playing to an anticipated 3000 - 4000 crowd.
Hey, dont forget Riverrooms on Sat 13th May.

The Quintmeister


Sunday 8th January 2017

Happy New Year. Plans for 2017

2016 was a pretty busy year by Festies standards, with us performing just short of 30 gigs in the year. We discovered and enjoyed some new venues and are currently starting to stick dates on the calendar for 2017 (see Gigs Page).
On a more subdued note, it was sad to hear that the Axe and Cleaver in Boston; a venue that we had played at for most of our musical careers, finally closed it's doors in September, approximately one year since we played our final gig at the venue. The venue was legendary. Good luck to Mal and Brad, the sound engineers, in their future efforts. R.I.P. The Axe
We also lost a couple of Stourbridge legends. In late summer, Brian Grove, a local musician who we all knew from the heady days of the early 90's at The Mitre Pub in the town, lost his battle with cancer. A genuinely lovely guy with an infectious, manic laugh, who was always a pleasure to bump into. R.I.P our friend Brian.
Similarly, in the last week it was announced that John Knight who ran the aforementioned pub, the Mitre, for over 25 years also passed away. He provided a great venue for local bands in the early nineties and would often host and perform himself at acoustic nights. "I am my own Grandpa" was one of his comical ditties that sticks in my mind. Again, one of life's good guys. R.I.P our friend John. Just wanted to mention both of these guys for posterity.

Anyhow, back to the gigs. we have a private event next week. Our first public outing is at the Woodland Cottage in Redditch (one of those new venues) on Saturday 4th February. Hope to see you there.



Sunday 31st July

Summer lovin..... tell me more! tell me more!

What a cracklng few summer months we have had. The Bongo Fury at the end of June was a tremendous gig and an all round great weekend, with several of the guys and their families camping over with the Bongonauts. MC Ian Maynard did his best Kenny Rogers take, although a little shaken by stage nerves. Fortunately, by the time we lured him back on stage under the pretence of making a few announcements, several pints of lager had taken effect, hence there was little persuasion required for him to take lead vocals on a raucous version of Hawkwind's "Silver Machine".
A birthday bash in Barnt Green counts as one of the best private dos that we have enjoyed for a long time, helped by a very enthusiastic and interactive crowd, resulting in an off-the-wall version of Led Zep's "Whole lotta love" and, with special regard to the birthday boy's past career as a school teacher, Pink Floyd's "Another brick in the wall". Hey Teacher, leave them kids alone!!
An afternoon appearance at the Woofest in Upton-on- Severn last week (thanks for the back stage free bar) was a wonderfully relaxed affair and a great family atmosphere. Some really good original bands as well; check out the White Feather Collective and The Flames if you get a chance.
Along a similar theme, we played Tettenall Woodstock at the Royal Oak yesterday afternoon, another great little gig. We are having a few weeks break now, but will be back for the second half of the summer starting at Drummonds on Friday 19th.
Rock On.

..and, Oh, those su-ummer, ni-ighhhhhts!!
Danny Zuko


3rd April 2016

Good Lord! Has it been that long since I updated the NEWS Page?!?
Well obviously it has!!
Been a bit of a quiet start to the year by Festies usual standards, but we have had two absolutely cracking gigs at theHop Pole in Bromsgrove. This place seems revitalised under new management and despite desperately poor weather on the nights of both gigs, we have enjoyed large and enthusiatic crowds. Look forward to our next return in early June.
Back to the Riverrooms in a couple of weeks in our hometown, followed the week afterwards with a trip to Drummonds. What a sweet life it is.

Tuesday22nd December 2015

The End of another year ......
The Greyhound, Stourbridge on Friday 11th December was indeed a fine return to the old home town. The scene of two mis-spent youths for the siblings of the band was visited by a few ghosts of Christmas past. We will be speaking to Ryan and Marc about a couple of return gigs in the near future.
...and that is us done for this year. A year in which we had to cancel gigs in the early stages as at least one of us required medical attention, but then went on to enjoy some of the best gigs in our now 12 year history as the Fesies; many of the highlights are mentioned in the older news articles below.
A very, Merry Christmas to you all and a fond farewell to 2015. Althought the thought of not reurning to the Axe & Cleaver after 18 years of joy-filled trips still moistens the eyes a little, we have been busy picking up gigs for next year. The first is a welcome return to the Hop Pole in Bromsgrove (now under new management) after a two year absence. We look forward to it. I have (or I am about to) update the Gig page. More to be added soon.


Yo, ho, ho.
(in his Shakin Stevens style Chrimbo Jumper)


Monday 12th October 2015

"October.. and the trees are stripped bare... of all they wear.... but what do I care?  as Bongo once sang in the early 80's

It's been a long old time since I updated the news page and the summer has come and gone before we noticed it. After a quiet few weeks in late July with the guys on their hol's, we hit a string of around eight gigs with very few weekends off for good (or bad) behaviour. A few worth mentioning:The Barrels Beer Festival - What a blinder!! After missing the gig last year, we were back with a bang; probably the best gig we have done at this venue. The night entailed a bare-arsed stage invader for "Gay Bar"  (Cracking!!) and a crowd of around 20 further stage invaders for a Hacienda style "Step On".
A couple of weeks later we performed our last ever at the Axe & Cleaver, Boston; we got interrogated by fans who had been coming to see us for the last 12 years and it was difficult to tear ourselves away from the stage. As usual, a stormer of a night with a phenomenal crowd. The final goodbyes were a heartfelt thanks for all the great times we have had there with both the Festies (and previosly as Grass) over the years since 1998 and a special mention goes out to Mal and Brad for all of their help; we love you guys.
Afer wiping away the tears and having a king size snot-out, we were back at Drummonds, Worcester ... say no more ... unless you havent caught us there.. in which case get your asses down there  - we will see you again in November.Then we were at the Queens Arms, Bromyard, which is quick becoming another favourite venue thanks to the appreciative and interactive punters the gig attracts. They even managed to pull off a party after England lost the Rugby World Cup match to Wales... well, I suppose it is only rugby.
Finally, a nice little Beer Festival at The Talbot, Knightwick on an unseasonably warm evening; especially on stage, where a hot air blower had been positioned stage left, creating a Saharan type wind across the stage, which caused Trip to lose 8lbs during the gig. Luckily we found an Oasis (geddit?) and Peter O'Toole never showed up on his camel.

Quentin, the Mook.


Friday 3rd July 2015


We played the magnificent Bongo Fury Bash for the second year on the trot last Saturday and what a corking great time we had. A full weekend camping with the family for young Quentin. I somehow became the victim of Enville Ginger Ale in the hours leading up to the gig, which added an interesting twist to the stage performance on the night..... not that anybody noticed apart from our ever vigilant front-man, who reprimanded me for my continual jibber-jabber to the sometimes aparently confused crowd.
Still my antics were somewhat overshadowed by the arrival on stage of the events organiser, one Mr Maynard, who will no doubt be known as Lemmy henceforth, following (at his request) an improvised version of Hawkwind's Silver Machine. Hilarious backing vocals from the sprightly Trip were the icing on the cake. Before the guitar leads were unplugged, we were requested to return next year on condition that "Lemmy" might reappear in a different guise ?!? This is more excitng that Stars in their Eyes.

Tomorrow we are back in Cleobury Mortimer at the Royal Fountain Inn for the Beer Festival. Should be a good one. Get along if you can. We then have a short few weeks off before the Stagborough gig, which is threatened to be invaded by some of the Bongo crowd. Hope to see you luverly folks soon.

Toodle Pip
Quentin, twinned with Steve McDonald.


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