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Considering that the Riverrooms is going to be the farewell gig, the boys have decided to pull a few of the older, rarer tunes from the Festies back catalogue; so much so that we will be going onstage earlier than usual. The Riverrooms gig will kick off at 9.30pm ... so dont be late!!  Unbelievably, this has compelled us to have another rehearsal next week. Two rehearsals in a year ?!? Madness.

See you there Party People

Tuesday 1st January 2019

Happy New Year for the last time from the Festies.

Our first ever gig was at the Rock Cafe 2000, Stourbridge in September 2003. Just over 15, fun-packed, years later we will be performing our final ever gig at the same venue, since rebranded as the RiverRooms, on Friday 18th January. We have had some great gigs and made a lot of good friends along the way. We thank all of you who have been part of the story. It's going to be emotional !!


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